Partners and Stakeholders

Southeast Texas Task Forces

The SETx-UIFL collaborates with a group of more than 100 stakeholders in two-way relationships between decision makers/residents and researchers to ensure stakeholder knowledge is incorporated into modeling and scenarios development and that data from SETx-UIFL research are useful for and incorporated into community-led climate adaptation decision making.

Our goals are to:

  • Work collaboratively with local decision makers and stakeholders to collect air, flooding, & climate data informed by local knowledge.
  • Better understand hazard risks and the links between environmental, built, and social systems in urbanized regions.
  • Co-develop community strategies informed by local preferences.

Our Task Force includes stakeholders, aware of, impacted by, and/or possess expert knowledge of community vulnerabilities to shocks and stressors, such as economy, environment (e.g., natural and human-made hazards):

  • Technical Task Force (TTF): a subgroup of the Flood Coordination Study led by Dr. Liv Haselbach (Lamar University PI) including SETx counties, cities, river authorities, drainage districts, industries, federal agencies.
  • Community Organization Task Force (COTF): Community-level stakeholders and community leaders experienced in the challenges faced by marginalized populations.