Davon Chargois Takoe Academy

Lamar University’s Center for Resiliency at the Tekoa Academy Tree Wrapping Ceremony

Port Arthur, Texas. SETx-UIFL is introduced at the Tekoa Academy Tree Wrapping Ceremony.

On Friday, September 29th, Tekoa Academy hosts a brief tree wrapping ceremony with green, blue and white ribbons, signaling Tekoa’s green zone. Davon Chargois, Lamar University’s Grants Manager from the Center for Resiliency was invited to speak to the junior and senior classes at Tekoa Academy related to the vision and role of Lamar University Center for Resiliency in the Southeast Texas community, overview of SETx-UIF, and the importance of environmental protection as well as college and career preparedness.

“We are proud of our students being guided in emergency management, maritime, and now environment areas of college and career choices.”

Tekoa Academy leaders
Port Arthur Mayor Thurman Bartie with Davon Chargois and other speakers for Preparedness Month

On September 6th, members of Tekoa Academy were welcomed to join SETx-UIFL’s Community Organization Task Force. 

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